"Region IV of the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators (I.A.B.T.I.) is proud to know, and work with, TLC K9 Services.  Their work ethic, training, and services to the community are above par!  Michael Davis, and his team strive to provide quality service, and excellence in the K-9, bomb detection, and investigative communities.  We are proud to know them, and as they support us, we support them, in their endeavors."

Director Region IV
International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators

“I have worked with numerous K-9's and handlers over the years and Michael Davis and TLC K9 are by far above the best team that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  His knowledge, professionalism and abilities as a trainer and handler are unmatched.  This company has been instrumental in increasing the security for the staff and inmate populations.  I firmly believe that you can measure a handler by the performance of his dogs and the proof is evident every time that he steps foot into our facility.  Mr. Davis, has shown time and again why he is and will remain the best in the business.  He is always willing to do anything that we need and has volunteered on numerous occasions to help the Louisville Metro Department of Corrections Special Operations Response Team with locating narcotics and has freely given his vast knowledge with narcotic smuggling to help stem the flow of illegal narcotics.  If anyone is looking for the best K-9 handler combination in the business, I would highy-recommend TLC K9 for your needs."

Louisville Metro Department of Corrections

Louisville, KY

"Mr. Davis is a professional in every way.  He is direct and self-assured, but always polite.  He has extensive knowledge in the field of training canines for the detection of drugs and explosives.  He is passionate about his work in helping make our community a safer place in which to live and work.  He wants to assist parents and their children escape the justice system by early detection and intervention of drug use/abuse.  Mr. Davis communicates with all levels of law enforcement and government agencies in his line of work, and is well-respected by his peers.  He is top in his field in this cutting-edge technology of detection, and his business is growing exponentially because of the results he is achieving.  I hesitate not in recommending Mr. Davis and TLC K9 Services to you, as you will be treated with the utmost respect and privacy, and you will be receiving top-quality services from the best team in drug and explosive detection."

Former Prosecutor & City Attorney

Floyd County, Indiana
New Albany, IN

“I cannot say enough about how pleased I have been with the professionalism shown and positive experiences I have had with Michael and K9 Oakley from The Last Chance (TLC) K9.  Recently, we were faced with a situation where an employee was using illegal substances on company property.  We were concerned that the behavior included more than just one employee and we thought it was a possibility that illegal substances were being distributed from our property after hours.  We got in touch with Michael, told him our situation and within 48 hours he and K9 Oakley were at our facility making sure it was safe for our employees and customers.  Michael explained the process and procedure step by step to us which helped to ease our anxiety as well as appreciate the seriousness of the situation.  His impressive knowledge of the process and Oakley's obvious skilled training gave us the confidence that we were handling the situation correctly.  We will continue to use Michael and Oakley to assure us that we are providing an environment where our company and our employees can reach their full potential secure in their safety.  I'm so glad that there are individuals like Michael whose goal is to make the world a safer place."

Vice President 

Huber Décor Inc.
Blooms by Essential Details LLC
Idea Source LLC

Huber Décor Property LLC

Louisville, KY

“We have used The Last Chance (TLC) K9 Services at our facility a number of times.  Mr. Davis and his K9s are very professional and do a great job!  Mr. Davis will come at anytime you want him to!  It is really something amazing to see Mr. Davis and his K9s work throughout the jail.  I would recommend him to anyone!"

Bullitt County Detention Center


Shepherdsville, KY

“I have evaluated thousands of people for the Israeli Special Forces and recognize Michael to have one of the highest skill levels, both in Israel and the United States."

Israeli Special Forces
C.R.I. Counterterrorism Training School

Las Vegas, NV

“I've known Michael Davis for over a decade now, and he delivers passion in everything that he does!  Not only does he deliver passion, but he displays a sense of drive that few can emulate; focusing long hours with little to no sleep, or food, to perfect his craft.  His attention to detail coupled with his hunger for more knowledge is only rivaled by his sheer determination to be successful, and provide for his family.  Through the dedication to training, and love for animals, Michael Davis will deliver a well-trained and professional experience, when dealing with or protecting the people whom fear they may need assistance.  You will not be disappointed when conducting business with this professional, and well educated individual."

United States Marine Corps
3rd Marine Aircraft Wing

Marine Martial Arts Instructor

San Diego, CA

“Very professional and courteous. K-9 was highly intelligent. I highly recommend this service for anyone looking to prevent drugs from coming into their facility."

Evolve Indy - Drug Rehabilitation Centers


Indianapolis, IN

“I want to express my most sincere gratitude for the outstanding professional service you rendered to our fraternity.  As you know I am the President of the building corporation of a national Men's college fraternity and I want to tell you that your services were invaluable to the success of our fraternity.  The main mission for all of the alumni leadership of the fraternity is to build young men into exemplary citizens and men of high standards and quality.  We are also charged with the safety of these young men while they are in our care at school.  You and your brilliant K9 partner performed flawlessly and we discovered important information about what was going on in our fraternity that we would have never known otherwise were it not for your thorough work.  It was fascinating to watch you and you K9 conduct a top to bottom sniff of our facility.  It was clearly an exercise in precision, skill and flawless execution.  This experience also sent a message to our men that we take their health and safety seriously.  It conveys a sense of the gravity we all feel when it comes to anything that would challenge or risk our reputation as a premier institution.  I give my highest recommendation to you for your expertise, skill, professionalism and confidentiality while conducting these delicate and sensitive operations.  I thank you for all the help you provided.  If anyone who is in charge of and responsible for the health, safety, and wellbeing of young men and women in todays world need any confirmation that this is a highly successful tool in achieving your goals you need, go no further than our success story with TLC K9 Services.  Thank you again and you are our first call when we fear for our young men.  If anyone is debating as to whether or not to utilize your services you have my permission to confidentially allow them to contact me to help in their decision process.  With all respects and sincerity,"

President - Indiana University

ACACIA Fraternity

Bloomington, IN

“I have been under contract with TLC K9 Services for several years now and am completely satisfied with the quality of performance by the animals as well as, Mr. Davis.  The level of professionalism is outstanding.  My degree of positive drug tests as well as paraphernalia and illegal drugs on the property have decreased considerably.  The program he offers has reduced my financial losses but most importantly addressed the relapse potential for our clients.  Overall, a worthwhile program for my company.  I am consistently impressed.  Mr. Davis, also has the ability to deal with individuals in a more direct manner.  He has strong character, intrinsic decision making skills and a strong background.  He has been a vital component to the performance of this business.  TLC K9 would be a tremendous asset to any business tool belt and I recommend them to you without reservation.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me."


Executive Director and Founder

House of Hope II LLC

Elizabethtown, KY





"Thank you so much for the time you have invested in training our staff for Active Shooter procedures and evacuation.  The interactive training was very beneficial to us for gaining knowledge in awareness of our surroundings at all times, maintaining a safe environment within our academy, and keeping the children's safety and lives first no matter the situation.  The feedback from the staff has been phenomenal.  They are very thankful for the quality of information provided as well as being a part of this significant training.  Our staff is ready to implement the training within the classroom and excited to make this learning fun for the children as well.  I am very thankful to have been and to continue to be a part of the TLC K9 program.  As difficult as it is to grasp that our society has come to this, safety is our number one priority and we are happy to continue adding security measures within our academy.  Thank you again for allowing us to be part of your program!"

Executive Director
Kayfield Academy II Private School & Daycare
Louisville, KY

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Michael for many years now, from our first interaction advocating veteran rights in Washington D.C. to seeing him grow to be a successful businessman and K9 dog trainer in the private and public sectors.  Over the years of working in a fast paced and high intensity field, I have yet to find an individual who has the discipline and resolve in adapting to any situation as I have in knowing Michael.  I recently had the opportunity and privilege to work with one of his German Shepherd working dogs while visiting an Anti Terror Training Program in the greater Las Vegas metropolitan area.  Ares (one of his K9), as most would know as the Greek God of war, just so happened to be with Michael and was eager to demonstrate his very advanced training.  And I was eager to learn more of Michael's K9 training program (TLC K9 Services) which is ran out of the western Kentucky region.  Let me tell you there is not many things that could frighten this combat veteran, however there is something to be said about a German Shepherd barreling at you in a dead sprint seeking to latch onto your arm.  Yes, I am referring to the bite drills that I was participating in.  As terrifying an experience as it could have been, Ares performed amazingly and was a relentless force multiplier that would serve any agency as a well qualified partner.  I was absolutely amazed at the dogs discipline and zeal that could only be a testament to the outstanding training provided by Michael and his team at TLC.  Given the years of passion and professional achievements of Michael and the admiration of his peers in his field I would recommend TLC K9 Services for any needs in the service/working dog field.  His team is a wonderful representation of hard work, determination and patriotism.  This we'll defend."

COO - Chief Operating Officer


San Antonio, TX




“Michael and his team always provide professional and reliable services.  Working with him is always a pleasure!"


Regional Security Manager

National Security Consultants, Inc.

Niles, OH

“The professionalism and dedication of Mr. Davis is obvious through the performance of his K9.  The two work very well together and have become a vital part of our area searches at LMDC.  The two have helped us find countless narcotics that sometimes would go unfound with an area search.  The use of his K9 service would be highly-recommended to any facility."

Louisville Metro Department of Corrections

Current Commander - Special Operations Response Team

Louisville, KY

Gang Behavior Analysis Seminar feedback:

“The Gang Behavior Analysis Seminar was great, very organized and professionally managed.  The information provided was clear and although it is a lot to process it was an eye opener.  The speakers, Michael and Steve, are highly knowledgeable and presented the information in an interesting and often humorous manner.  They made it easy to ask questions and provided answers which were beneficial and trustworthy.  The take-away material is excellent.  Anyone and everyone can benefit from the insightful information provided in this seminar, it was a hands-on thought-provoking seminar that will create awareness.

We would also like to give TLC K9 and K9 Oakley kudos for the wonderful job you do on your monthly working K-9 visits to our facility.  Even though the sniffs can on occasion be a little unnerving for a patient with contraband we appreciate your professionalism and respect for the privacy of our patients and staff.  We always welcome a visit from you and K9 Oakley."

Lincoln Trail Behavioral Health System

Military / Civilian Sectors

Ft. Knox, KY


"I just wanted to say thank you so much for meeting with me and my son and offering your mentorship.  Your willingness to share your time and experience is so greatly appreciated.  Your real talk and facts about what happens when you get involved with drugs was exactly what my son needed to hear.  It’s refreshing to have someone who is upfront and honest about their mistakes and to show that you can change and turn your life around.  You are a great example to both kids and adults.  I would absolutely recommend you to anyone.  Thank you for your passion and drive.  You have made a huge difference in our lives.  We are grateful we found you."


Worried Parent
LaGrange, KY

"Mr. Davis is a compassionate, dedicated pet owner who has been bringing his dogs to our clinic for years.  Their health and happiness is of utmost importance to him."



Plantation Animal Clinic
Louisville, KY

“I am very pleased to recommend Michael Davis and TLC K9.  Mr. Davis has provided a tremendous service that has helped to increase the safety of our facility to both staff and inmate population.  I have been impressed by the communication and level of professionalism that this company displays at all times.  The work performance by Mr. Davis and TLC K9 has been consistently above average and he has actively participated in a diverse assortment of activities and searches with the department (Louisville Metro Department of Corrections) including volunteering his time for departmental searches with the Louisville Metro Corrections Special Operations Response Team (SORT), which main purpose serves as the backbone for the safety and security of the facility."

Louisville Metro Department of Corrections

Former Commander - Special Operations Response Team
(Currently with Louisville Metro Police Department)

Louisville, KY

“I've been working and training detector K9's for 28 years, and I've seen it all.  I recently had the opportunity to participate in some detector dog training alongside Michael Davis from TLC K9.  I can honestly say that the future of K9 handling is here, and it's now - Professional, knowledgeable, and passionate is what sets TLC K9 at the top."

Lakeland, FL Police Department K-9
Owner HITS K9 Training & Consulting
Owner PackTrack Phone APP


"I am pleased to write this letter in recommendation of Michael Davis.  Due to his strong work ethic and professionalism.  As a veteran in the U.S. Army, I have known Mr. Davis for over 15 years now.  He was in the same basic training as I in the U.S. Army in Fort Knox, Kentucky, where we shared a bunk.  Throughout our training we were given the opportunity to monitor each other’s progress.  Mr. Davis provided tremendous motivation to the company, and was very efficient in completing the task at hand with great professionalism.  He took his training extremely seriously and trained others in need.  If he encountered any problems, he would find a solution no matter how difficult.  I have always been impressed by his strong communication skills, and deep care for people.  Mr. Davis took an oath when he joined the Army to protect America, from all enemies foreign and domestic.  He carried that oath with him even after his service.  He is extremely dedicated and carries great pride in his country.  Based on my firsthand observation of his performance in the Army and friend of Mr. Davis over the years, I believe that Mr. Davis is fully capable of providing a last chance opportunity to children, and parents whom are in need of help."

United States (Classified)
Ft. Bragg, NC

Reading Psychological Behavior Seminar feedback:

“Michael's ability to read the students' body language and behavior was dead-on.  It was such a worthwhile seminar and it allowed my college students to think beyond their present parameters of choices in the field of psychology."

Kentucky Wesleyan College

Professor - Psychology

Owensboro, KY

“Over the years I have had the opportunity and pleasure to personally know and discuss K-9 training and protective services with Michael Davis, of The Last Chance K9 Services.  Mr. Davis' dedication to K-9 training and services is exceeded only by his dedication to his family.  He and other members of TLC K9 have developed an Active Shooter training program which they do for the local Louisville, KY school systems.  The training details a new and revolutionary method, which the young students find fun and exciting not realizing they are training to save their lives.  Mr. Davis has developed new training methods and equipment to further develop detection based K-9s for public safety and LE.  I look forward to working more with Mr. Davis and TLC K9 Services." 

International Director

Department of Homeland Security

“I highly recommend TLC K9 Services and Michael Davis as a valuable tool to prevent drugs and drug use in the workplace.  Despite pre-hire screening, we were continually battling attendance issues and rumors of drug use by employees.  Since Mr. Davis and his K9 have been 'sniffing' on a random basis, the number of 'hits' has been reduced to zero.  Mr. Davis is always very professional and polite.  We are impressed with his knowledge and ability to keep the situation calm, especially when we were questioning employees regarding a 'hit' in their area or on their person.  We are now confident our workplace is drug free and our employees no longer believe they can hide a drug problem.  This has resulted in a safer and more productive work environment.  Thanks for all the help!"


Kelly Fabricators

Louisville, KY

“It is with great honor we present this appreciation to TLC K9 SERVICES and Michael Davis.  For your service to our beloved county, and for your efforts towards the security of the Harlan County Detention Center.  The relationship we have established since 2019 goes beyond that of business.  I consider you a trusted ally and friend.  On behalf of myself and my entire staff, I thank you!  Your skills and experience proved detrimental in a Time of True Need.  May you continue a long and successful career.  You have my utmost gratitude and respect."

Harlan County Detention Center


Harlan, KY

“I've had the pleasure of working with Michael and K-9 Oakley on numerous occasions.  They have conducted multiple sniffs at our facility at Successful Living.  Michael and Oakley have done great work here!  They have managed to find methamphetamine and even syringes.  Michael and Oakley are incredible in identifying prescription meds as well.  I personally enjoy working with them and they do an excellent job.  Michael and Oakley are spot on when it comes to 'hits' and it is not hard to locate the 'finds.'  I would recommend them to anyone!"



Successful Living - Women's Halfway House

Louisville, KY

"Community Transitional Services is a Kentucky Department of Corrections contracted facility serving men who are inmates or on probation or parole and who have been referred for substance abuse treatment.  We have 328 beds.  I learned of TLC K9 Services from a director at another local halfway house who was pleased with the services.  At the time, we had no K9 searches being done at our correctional facility.  As with any correctional facility, we have a problem with contraband, including illegal drugs.  TLC began servicing our facility in April 2016.  We have been very pleased with the results.  Mr. Davis and his K9 search thoroughly and have been successful in finding hard contraband in our facility.  There were fewer "hits" only months later and I attribute that directly to the fact that our residents know that the searches will happen and contraband will be found.  In addition, the incidents of residents appearing to be actively "high" to staff have been dramatically reduced.  The scheduling is random and remains flexible based on our needs.  The searches are not conducted in the same manner each trip as to keep an element of surprise for our residents.  I would recommend the services of TLC K9 to any agency or individual who is in need of finding and ridding their premises of drugs."


Community Transitional Services (CTS)
Louisville, KY

“Mr. Davis is an amazing, innovator, entrepreneur and speaker. Michael spoke to my students and truly engaged my class!"

University of Louisville


Louisville, KY

“TLC K9 Services, has been wonderful to work with!  Michael is efficient, easy to work with and has been able to provide anything that we ask of him.  Not only does he provide monthly walkthroughs but he has also provided training to our staff members and clients.  Getting to see K9 Oakley each month has become a highlight for our agency.  I would recommend this service to anyone!"


Program Director

Maryhurst Youth Social Services, Rehabilitation and Secondary School
Jefferson County Public School System

Louisville, KY

“Leslie County Detention Center has contracted with Michael Davis at TLC K9 Services for the past year.  As a correctional facility, we keenly recognize the importance of eliminating and keeping out contraband in all various forms, and TLC K9 Services has been instrumental in helping us continue to meet that goal.

TLC K9 Services has conducted several cell inspections, as well as inspecting our work release vehicles.  During these visits, Michael Davis and his K9 partner have discovered numerous forms of contraband, so well hidden, that jail staff had no knowledge of its presence.  The K9 is calm and non-aggressive in all respects, even in the mix of busy and stressful situations involving inmates and the surrounding jail environment.  Michael is very flexible to work with.  He is professional, punctual and efficient in his manner, and is always willing to work with staff to ensure a complete and thorough search is done each time.

In summary, TLC K9 Services has done an outstanding service for us and we can confidently make this recommendation that they will perform to your highest expectations as well.  If you have any questions or wish to contact me for more information about Michael or TLC K9 Services, please feel free to give me a call."

Leslie County Detention Center


Hyden, KY

“TLC K9 Services was retained by Parsons to locate potentially unexploded explosive ordnance along the shorelines of a lake.  It was an unusual task in terms of the nature of the explosive targets and the challenging logistics of the search.  The TLC K9 team approached the problem with professionalism and enthusiasm.  I was impressed with their focus on the task and their determination to get the job done correctly and completely.  I have recommended TLC K9 for any similar searches in the future."


Senior Scientist

Parsons Corp.

Denver, CO